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White and Beige Knit Tie

White and Beige Knit Tie

65 USD
This men's white and beige knit tie it's the essential accessory of a gentleman's drawer!
Everytime you wear this handmade you will feel in James Bond's shoes, in an action scene of 007!

- White and beige yarns (100% acrylic)
- Straight ending at the front, and pointed end at the back
- Strap to hold the back tip
- Fits: MEN SIZE
- Sizes: 58,27”/148cm (Length) x 1,77”/4,5cm (Front width); 0,98”/2,5cm (Back width)
- Production Methods: Knit
- ID number: CGV0410


NOTE: This is a handmade knit necktie, made with extra care and attention to every detail to be a perfect and flawless piece.
The choice of the materials is made with special attention to quality and durability so you can have complete confidence when purchasing a CoastLand Streetwear creation!