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Black and Green Wallet

Black and Green Wallet

45 USD
With this cool men's billfold plaid wallet in black and green, you wont carry your cash and credit cards in your pockets anymore!
This handmade billfold wallet will fulfill its function perfectly, and without taking up much space! You'll love it!

- Plaid fabric in black, green and white
- Black inside fabric
- Green elastic band
- Six card slots
- One zippered compartment, for coins
- One large compartment, for bills
- Production Methods: Sew
- ID number: CCT0367

~~ MADE TO ORDER: one item has a processing time of 1-2 weeks ~~

NOTE: This is a handmade wallet, made with extra care and attention to every detail to be a perfect and flawless piece.
The choice of the materials is made with special attention to quality and durability so you can have complete confidence when purchasing a CoastLand Streetwear creation!